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Google Seen Testing New Swipe Gesture to Replace Button in Android Q

Google introduced fresh gesture-based navigation with Android Pie to replace the traditional 3 button layout that was accessible on older versions of Google Android.  Other manufacturers implemented this gesture-based navigation inside their UIs while a few others went ahead and designed their own gesture-based navigation.  Manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei had a custom gesture-based navigation which required the user to swipe from the left or the right side of the screen to go back instead of tapping on the traditional capacitive button.  It appears that Google is experimenting with a sort of gesture on the upcoming Android Q version.

These gestures were first spotted by XDA Senior member paphonb and covered by XDA Developers.  The member was able to catch these gestures by running the Google Android Q system image from the emulator in Android Studio.  From the listed video it’s apparent you’ll need to swipe from the edge of the display which is similar to the one seen on newer iPhone models.  From the video, it might be seen that you can swipe either side of the display which shows an arrow pointing to the left.  This confirms that this feature is supposed to replace the rear button.

This gesture is currently experimental and isn’t directly functional.  People at XDA developers have discovered that you might need another ADB command to make this swipe gesture functional.  Since these gestures are now in beta, it’s hard to tell if these will make their way to the final build of Google Android Q. Currently swiping from the left side of the screen opens a hamburger menu which could interfere with this.

Whether you have a Google Pixel smartphone operating Android Q beta, you can enable it by running the following ADB commands to activate it. Adb shell configurations set global prototype’ enabled 1 Adb shell configurations set global quick step controller’edge’ width’ sensitivity 48 adb reboot To get the swipe gesture to work, the following command has to be implemented. Adb shell configurations put quick step controller ‘gesture’ match’ map 172233

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