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North Korea Billed US $2M for Hospital Maintenance of Otto Warmbier Report

North Korea at 2017 allegedly issued a $2 million bill to the U.S. For the hospital care of the American Otto Warmbier, who had been in coma when he was sentenced to the U.S. And died without regaining consciousness. The Washington Post reported Thursday that North Korea had insisted a U.S. Official sign a pledge to cover the invoice before returning Warmbier, an Ohio native who had been arrested while visited Pyongyang. Citing two individuals familiar with the situation, the station reported that U.S. Envoy who recovered Warmbier signed the pledge on instructions from President Trump.

The Post says it’s uncertain when The Trump government ultimately paid the invoice. The White House declined to comment. We don’t comment on the hostage negotiations, which explains why they’ve been successful in this administration, Press Officer Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the paper. The Post reported Joseph Yoon, a State Department’s envoy, was asked to sign a promise when he went to North Korea to regain Warmbier. Yun called then State Secretary Rex Tillerson, who predicted Trump, in accordance with the newspaper. Tillerson and Trump instructed Yun to sign the pledge, the Post said, according to two sources. Yun, who retired last year, and the State Department declined comment to the Post.

Warmbier’s father, Fred Warmbier, told the news outlet he wasn’t previously aware of the medical bill, but it sounded like a ransom. North Korea at 2016 sentenced Otto Warmbier to fifteen Years of hard labour, and the former University of Virginia student fell into a coma shortly thereafter. Trump confronted critique earlier this season when he said he did not think North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was accountable for Warmbier’s death. Some really bad things happened to Otto. Some really bad things. Informs me that he did not know about it, and I’ll take him at his word, Trump said. Trump has twice met with Kim. The latest summit Ended with no agreement on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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