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UAE’s Hope Probe Project Bound for Mars Is 85% Complete

 The United Arab Emirates Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center Have declared that 85% of the hope probe job has been finished. Hope Probe is ambitious fantasy job of United Arab Emirates to send a mission to Mars. In a joint statement, both organizations confirmed that the majority of the main portions of the job were completed and are undergoing intensive testing to ensure each facet of the probe is ready for activation of a couple of months prior to the launch date. Hope Probe is scheduled to be released in July 2020.

With a successful launch, UAE expects become first arab and Islam country to make the Mars Mission fantasy a reality. A statement released by the Dubai Media Office said that the Probe has already entered an intensive testing phase to ensure its readiness before the launch date, with less than 500 days are remaining for the launch. It’s planned to achieve Mars to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE. Several aspects related to the design, the assembly of the structure, the cameras and the control have been verified. Thus far, the Probe’s systems and components, and also its capacity to communicate with the earth station have been assessed by the team.

The Probe has succeeded in each of the tests it’s been subject to so far, ahead of the 5 environmental tests to be conducted on the probe from June to December 2019. According to Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, State Secretary for Higher Education and Advanced Skills and President of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency : The Emirates Mars Mission’s Hope Probe is nearly complete. The United Arab Emirates is on the brink of earning history, after turning its own dream of becoming the first Arab and Arabic country to send a spacecraft to Mars in reality. This monumental effort is the culmination of the efforts of a team of young emirati who, with the help of the country And its visionary leadership will fasten the UAE’s position in the cutting edge of space exploration along with the international distance sector.

The United Arab Emirates, through this ambitious project, has positioned itself among the leading nations in the sphere of space exploration and advanced space. The project has so much highlighted the degree of capacities and top notch facilities that can be found in the UAE. Hope Probe was developed according to Mars Exploration Programme Analysis Group, the scientific community that’s working on Mars exploration and coordinated with international entities to ensure the best results. The goals of the Emirates Mars Mission will be to add to the global efforts to explore the surrounding planets. For the very first time, a Mars exploration project will be in a position to take an image of the Martian atmosphere.

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